Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Parrot

So the other day, for some strange reason, I sent a text to my bil Jeremy and told him I was a parrot. So I decided to post a picture I took of 2 parrots at the zoo. You see I think it would be nice to be a bird, able to fly wherever you want and do what you want. That is of course that you dont live in captivity, cause that would suck. I would be stuck in a cage and more then likley have my wings trimmed, so then I couldn't fly. Oh well. And by the way, Yes I do like Ritz. Squaaaaawk!!!!


Leslie said...

I think you are loosing it!!

Chelley said...

Now you are just having too much fun with this parrot thing!!

I love your photos, put some more on!

music lady said...

Just looking at you "flying" brings back many fond memories. Those sure were fun activities.

I am glad you like crackers!