Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Update

Hello everybody, I have been busy with a variety of things between work and the kids activities. It feels like there is no time to post anymore. I know, I always say that, oh well.

I have been working at USFoodservice now for 3 months this week. They informed me last week that they wanted to hire me full time as an A/R Adjuster. I have no idea what the pay will be yet, but I am looking forward to having a permanent job. It definatly gets boring at times though. I am working towards getting my CPA within the next year. I would prefer to do more things than just A/R. By the way for those unaccounting people, it means accounts receivable.

In the mean time, I am probably gonna be looking for a part time 2nd job to make more mulla. Nights and weekends will be busy, but someone has to do it.

Jon's football games have been awesome. Everybody needs to come and watch his game, they are fun to watch and cheer a #1 team on. Go Shepherd, city champs 4 years running. This week is a game against my old Jr high Poston. Kick their butts Jon.

Saturday, Jon and I went to do a service project at the welfare farm in Coolidge. That was a lot of work. We got to clean out a irrigation ditch along the farm. We had to trim weeds and dig the dirt out of the ditch. It started easy with about an inch of dirt. Then about half way down the ditch got deeper with dirt and ended up with about 2 feet of dirt to dig. That was a fun morning to kill a back, but the blessings are worth it.

Gotta go now and prepare a lesson for the Teachers about quorum unity and why we have a quorum, boring lesson. Enjoy your lessons today and listen because your teachers took time to prepare those lessons for you to hear(that's a plug for me cuz I have to teach, hehe).

Time to go eat some ceelo for bessess(ask Jenna from when she was little).
Austa la Pasta,


Jonathan said...

I will try my hardest playing poston. Expect someone on their butt.

Jeremy said...

Austa is actually spelled Hasta... and speeking of other jobs... I talked to someone in the state of Washington who's website is and they basically already have a tracking system in place for their proof of deliveries and I talked to the guy for like 45 minutes about how once upon a time you and I were trying to get the technology in place for such a system... if you remember and get a chance and would care to hear more then you should ask me about the conversation.

Chelley said...

I am sorry you are in so much pain after the ditch digging! I hope you feel better by tomorrow! It's your birthday, man, you better feel great!

Richard said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! May you have many more!! You dont look a day over 30!! Congrats on the permanent job position. Sorry to hear tho about working a second job. That part sucks.

Chelley said...

Happy Birthday! You are the best! I hope your day is a happy one! Try to stay awake at work so we can party when you get home!