Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's About Time

NO WAY!!! I am writing a post again.

I haven't had much to say or even felt like writing on here. But I felt I need to update all my fellow bloggers and followers.

I am still working as a temp for US Foods working as an A/R Adjuster. They are supposed to hire me on full time when the hiring freeze ends. While I am working there, I am still looking for other job opportunities to make more money. Its hard to find a good job right now due to the economy though. Some day it will be over and we can all get back to life.

Since November, we have finally sold our house, gave up our suburban, and am still looking for a job. The suburban was an interesting ordeal but as soon as we gave it back to the loan company, we found out that Michelle's Aunt was selling an old suburban for a good price and her mom helped us buy it, thanks Carolyn. So now we don't have that huge car payment hanging over us.

I do have an interview with University of Phoenix on Friday, I could use all of your prayers for that one. I already passed their online interview, so it could be a good thing. Plus, it is where I went to school so it would cool to work there.

One thing I have learned through this entire ordeal is how to really stick to a budget. In the past I always made a budget but when the paycheck came, bye bye money. Now, we watch our money carefully and spend only what we need to to stay alive. Sometimes the kids go crazy when they don't have snacks, but they will slowly learn how to deal with it. And now we even are saving money and NOT spending it. We are working on building a months worth of funds at a time. I am amazed how much we already have for as little as we make now.

I am thinking about starting my own business as a photographer, just waiting for the right equipment to do it. I would like to stop working at Domino's and focus on photography. More on that to come later I guess. Pictures below.

Anywho, I will try to post more as things happen, otherwise I hope all of you the best through these tough times. Just keep a positive outlook and don't watch the news.

C-ya ---- Bryan


Richard said...

Glad to see you post again. We are praying for your interview on Friday. Hope it goes well. the pictures are great!! The kids look really cute. Remember when you get all your equipment, we want to be your first customer!lol.

Anonymous said...

No, no I want my kids to be your first customers. :> Ok, I will wait til second after your BFF's but don't forget I want to be second!

Jonathan said...

I love you dad!! Good luck on your interview!!

Marilyn said...

I loved the pictures. Let me know when you get that going cause we haven't had a family picture in about 8 years.