Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'mmmmmm Baaaaaaccckkkk

I am back. Yep, I was sick of logging on just like all of you. I had some jerks sending me emails and posting on my blog and decided to shut it off for a time. But i have been so busy I havent had time to blog anyways.

The Job:
I am working a temp job for US Foods that at the current time might become permanent soon. They are impressed by how quick I learn the systems. they told me I am doing better tham some of their full time adjusters. So I have been sortof promoted for the third time in 8 weeks to be trained as a financial analyst. Thats right, my education is finally starting to pay off.

The interviews:
I am still applying for jobs to hopefully get a better paying job or some leverage with the temp job. I am waiting to hear back from Scottsdale Healthcare, really would like that one. And I have a job interview with Banner Health Surgery Centers on the 20th. I have an inside connection there that I am going to talk to Monday to see if he will put in a good word for me.

I like our new ward. It is small, but that is fun because we will get to know everyone a little easier. I have already been given a calling in the ward and no records yet. The Bishop wanted to talk to us on Sunday and brought us all in his office. Then on Thurs, his councellor called to come visit us. We thought he just wanted to meet with us, and he said he did but he had some other business. He said the Bishop had a feeling about me and wanted me to be in The Young Men program. So I am being called back to YM as the 1st counselor in the Presidency. At least I will be once they have our records. I am really excited to be back in YM. I have worked with the Deacons for 3.5 years and loved it. When I was released it did not feel like a burden lifted off me, it felt more like my family was being taken away. I really loved my deacons quorum. They taught me sometimes more than I taught them. It will be a little different working with the Teachers, but I look forward to the new challenge and I get to be with Jon again.

The House:
Love it, hate it. I love our house, it is nice and big, lots of room for the kids to play. Hate leaving the old ward, the pool, and the RV gate. I have nowhere to park my Chevelle, but Jon will be driving it in a year anyways.

We are excited for the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Love having good freeway access. Hope you enjoed reading this long post. I will try to blog more now that life is starting to calm down again.


Anonymous said...

Well I for one am so happy you went public. First of all you are a great writer and second then I wouldn't have gotten to read this post to tell you how much my son loved having you as a leader. He really did and I am sure he was a pain (a lot) so I hope knowing how great he thought you were is some reward for what a pain he can be! Congrats on the new calling, promotion, and success!

Leslie said...

umm, if you didnt notice...your house has 3 garages...umm..i think you could park it in there?

And if you think you don't have any you can talk to me and It should make you feel better.

Jeremy said...

Yeah... so when are you gonna let us store a ton of our stuff in your 3 car garage so that you can't park your chevelle in there?

Jonathan said...

Hey Dad, I am really excited that you were called in to the teachers. I loved having you in there helping me move up in ranks. It really made it a ton easier.

I also agree about the house. Its big, but has a few down falls.

Gotta go to school. Love You!!!

Chelley said...

Jon thinks that I think he is the man- however, YOU ARE THE REAL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!