Sunday, August 24, 2008

So much to do, so little time.

Lately it has felt like I have no time to get stuff done that I need to. I have not got used to working a normal schedule yet. I used to be free and get home around 11am. Then i had the entire day to get stuff done. Now I get home at 4 and with all the kids stuff, Jon's football, scouts and stuff it feels like there isn't enough time in the day. I am going to start working an hour earlier this week, so I should be home by 3 now.

As far the the old house goes, we only have a few small loads of junk to get out of the garage and big hunk of metal to get over here. I was kind of funny cuz I needed a battery for the Chevelle so I went to checker to get one. I told the guy what kind of car it was and he said, ooooh, a classic. If only he could see it, lol.

My interview with Banner went really good. My inside connections said good things about me so I hope that goes in my favor. I was able to throw around some other names of people I know there. I should hear by Friday if I get it.

Fortune cookies are awesome!!!!
I got a fortune cookie and my fortune said," Success and wealth are in your future." And the other one sad,"Happiness is around the next corner, wealth down the street." So I guess things are headed for the turn around.

Then there is my cell phone. My phone decided that it did not want to work anymore so the battery port broke. I went to plug it in and the charging port pull out of my phone. So now I don't have a phone that works. The worst part is I pay for a warranty with t-mobile and they have a $125 replacement fee for my phone. What the crud is a warranty for if you still have to pay to replace the phone. What a joke. So now I am trying to locate an inexpensive t-mobile phone till I can switch carriers.

So that is the recent going ons with me. I try to post as much as possible, but it seems like once a week is about all I can do for now. C-YA


Jonathan said...

I really hope that you can get that job. It will really help.

Good luck with finding a phone that you can use lol. The phone you are useing totally sucks lol.

Love You- Jon

Jeremy said...

Welcome back to reality and living in the rat race with the rest of us shmucks ;o) When I worked for AT&T, there were days when I might get off earlier then not have to go in to work until later on the following day. It sucked getting off late but the time in between shifts was nice as opposed to the set schedule every day. The grass is always greener on the other side as long as I am not on that side!

Chelley said...

I loved having you home so early yesterday! I hope that is something that you can keep doing!