Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interview Update and Stuff

Ok everybody, Sorry I haven't responded to you all about my interviews. I have been so busy, it is hard to find time to update everything.

The IRS interview went pretty good, I was there for 2.5 hours. I actually had 2 different interviews while I was there and they totalled about 25 - 30 min of the time there. They told me that they are hiring 12 people in June and 18 more in Sept. If I get the June one I will hear about it in May. That's all I know at this time, But I do think it went good.

I also had an interview with US Foodservice, this is where I am a temp right now. I was offered a full time position with benefits with them. I accepted and will be on their payroll on the 27th. I will finally have benefits, woohoo. Oh, I am also getting a raise too.

I am soo busy with baseball this year and I am having a lot of fun with it. Coaching Jenna's team has been a blast. It is fun to watch the kids progress and get better every game. What really cracks me up is how some of the kids get bored and sit down and play with the dirt. They don't care about playing ball anymore and start talking to me about the dirt they have on their shoes. I love it. Today's game was interesting though, I got beaned in the head with a ball. I never saw it coming. The kid from first threw it to the catcher and I was talking to my batter and the ball, well it clocked me a good one. I was just glad it was a tee ball and not a real ball.


Chelley said...

You handled that ball to the head really well, tho! I think the kids really like having you as their coach, too!

I so hope that IRS job will happen!! We need that! But, if not, there are at least paid vacations and sick leave and such in our future!

Richard said...

Hey there! Seems like we are all to busy to talk and all but I do hope things are going well for you. It sounds like you are on the right path. drop me a line some time. Take care.