Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still Waiting

I am still waiting to hear about my job with US Foodservice. I officially applied for my job last week, so i expect ot hear in the next week or two about it. Still no answer back from the IRS either.

Other tidbits, I am helping assistant coach with Jenna's t-ball team. I am actually having so much fun helping her and the team. It is so funny to watch the kids when they dont know where to run or when to stop. I am on the field just laughing my head off. Jenna got to play catcher and was so cute wearing all the gear.

Scary news, Jonathan has reached the ripe old age of 151/2. He now wants to get his permit so he can drive. I can hardly believe he is old enough to drive now, we are in trouble.


Jonathan said...

just 3 more days until im allowed to get my permit haha :)

Chelley said...

Noooo! I am so not ready for Jon to drive!

Btw, the bball pics are cool!

Leslie said...

I think he will be a great driver!!