Sunday, June 8, 2008

Love Screaming Kids and My Wife, gonna miss em.

It has been so great to have my family back with me. I have a different understanding of my family now. It has been a joy to hear screaming kids and to have my wonderful wife back in my arms.

Now just as quick as I get them, I get to go to Albuquerque. I am excited to make money again but will miss the family. Michelle is nervous though because the Bishop wants to meet with her at 4:30 and I will be gone already. She doesn't want to be released but the Lord works in mysterious ways.

It is time to go to church and then head out of town. I will blog again when I figure out my Internet connection up there.


Leslie said...

You did got up on my list!!

I am sure you will have fun in albekirky!!

Leslie said...

If I could go work up there I would too but they don't want a weakling like myself!!

bryan said...

I had to leave a ton of comments to get on it too. Some were cheap post like "I like Baseball"

Chelley said...

I miss you already! You are so important to me, life is not the same without you here to laught with! No one gets me quite like you! I can't wait until Friday!

Love you, so much.