Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yes Its True

Yes its true, I am home. Its also true that I have a new job starting Monday. I will be working for a staffing company called Ajilon. They have me working for a company called US Foodservice. I will not be making much money but, it is a start in the accounting industry. As I was leaving home from my brothers house, they called and wanted an interview on Thursday.
I also had an interview with another staffing company on Friday. It wasn't as positive as the other one and she really wanted me to change my entire resume to "help her, help me". I will do what she suggested and see if it makes a difference.
I am excited to be home again and hope I can find a good paying job with some of the experience that I will get.


music lady said...

Good luck monday keep going forward!

Chelley said...

I hope it goes well today!!

music lady said...

SO how is life? Still confuzing huh?