Thursday, May 29, 2008

Almost the Weekend

WooHoo its Thursday, that means its almost the weekend.

To update on Alex, he came home on tuesday and he is doing much better. He is running around like his crazy old self. He gets to do a breathing treatment every 6 hours and fights every minute of it. He has an appt with his doc on friday, so we will know more then.

We went to the Temple today and I had this thought that we were gonna be the witness couple. Well it was almost time to go so I thought we were clear when out of nowhere Michelle made eye contact with the Brother conducting. He got up and walked over and Bam, what do ya know, witness couple. It didnt help the nerves that the room was very hot. And then the old man sitting next ot me starts chewing hard candy right in the middle of it. I wanted to lean over and tell him lunch time is later, jeesh.

As for as the job hunt goes, still looking for one. I will keep posting until one finally thinks I'm cool enough for them. Not this crap of..."you were a very strong candidate but, we found someone just a little better than you. Keep applying though, something might come up again." Whatever, just so I can get beat by someone who knows someone who knows someone.

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Jeremy said...

I know someone... but I am still a nobody... some day I will be Rich instead of Jeremy... but I am still not convinced on changing my last name from Smith to Famous. I know my comments are dorky... especially when I should be sleeping instead of blogging.