Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Hospital and Phnemonia

Alex started running a fever on thurs evening and we thought it was another ear infection. We figured he wasgoing to get tubes on tues so it wouldnt be a big deal. But by Saturday he still had a fever and started breathing with very short breaths. On Sun morning we woke up and he had a temo of 103 so we caled the Doctor. He told us to take him to the ER and have him checked out.
Once at the ER, I met a Doctor Stone who used to work with Dad in the ER. I told him and he said we were in good hands. So they took an x-ray and found fluid in his lungs. Man I felt like crappiest parent of the year. I know we couldnt have known, but I'm still aloud to feel like crap. The poor kid has phenomia. The doctor first said it sounded like he was breathing like it hurt. Apparently it does.
SO he is admitted at the hospital and we will see how he respondsd to the treatments. He does not like the breathing treatment cause the mask bothers him. He also hates the IV and wants it out. I dont blame him though, I would find that annoying too.
So our Sunday consisted of sitting at the hopistal all day. Poor Michelle has to stay with him there over night. I will go on monday to help her however she needs it though. Well I need to get to Bed, Chow.

Alex after his IV was put in.

The shadow on the left or in his right lung is fluid.

His dinosaur breathing mask, he is getting a breathing treatment every 4 hours. He does not like the mask.

Holding his Monsters Inc Movie that he was watching in the ER.

Alex and me sitting in his hospital bed.

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music lady said...

I guess he is in good hands. We will all have to pray for a speedy recovery.
Well, there is always unexpected excitement with kids, Huh! Sometimes it gets kind of scary!