Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Outa Here

So if you have not heard yet, I'm gonna work with my brothers in albekirkie. I will help Kirk do whatever needs to be done. This should be temporary until I can find a permanent job in the finance world.
I am gonna work one more week here and then head up there to work. I will still come back on the weekends to see my family though. I will miss them while I am gone, but I need to make money to pay out bills.
I hope they both know how much me and my family appreciate the chance to make some money. It really sucks to make nothing every week and wonder what bills I can afford to pay. Another thing that sucks is to lose my house. We sure thought this was where we would retire. I guess you never know what is planned from the Lord.
We hope to find a house that we can rent that will not cost too much and get settled before school starts.
Went to Jon's game today and they got beat by the first place team. They figured that would happen since the last time they played they lost 25-1.
So that's the story of my life for now, c-ya.

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