Friday, May 9, 2008

The Inteview and Another One

Well, my interview went really well. I got in the interview room and 2 people were there to interview me. The man sat in his chair and immediately leaned all the way back in his chair. I was like ALRIGHT this dude is chilling out. That definately set the tone a little easier, but I still did not let my guard down. They asked typical questions and told me they should make adecision for a 2nd interview by next wed. So I left without any assessment tests.

On my way home I get a call from a long distant number. I usually dont answer because of the usuall answers. But I decided to answer it. It was the recruiter from my phne interview asking how my interview was. I told it went well and she says, well it went so well they to have me back in on tues. So I have another interview on tues at 10am and I am supposed to do the assessments then.

I am excited and I feel like I should be able to get this job. It probably doesnt start until the begining of June, but that will be ok.

On another note, we might have found a house to rent in the big QC. Its close to Rittenhouse and Ellsworth. It is in the villages at QC. We will look at it on Mon so I will let ya'll know.

You can check them out at



Anonymous said...

Hey I think Brandon and Jennifer Williams, Becky's bro live in the Villages.

CBRE is a big company, that it cool!

Anonymous said...

So what is the latest?