Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good news, Bad News.

The good news -
  • I received a phone call to schedule a phone interview on Tues with a company called CB Richard Ellis. They have an entry level accounting coordinator position open. So, any prayers from you all would be appreciated.

The Bad News -

  • We talked to our mortgage company and was told they would only work with us if we could keep making our current payments soon. Otherwise we have to move. So we have to move. We will be finishing the house repairs over the next week so we can try to sell and get all of the value that our house is worth. They said to list it at market value and once we have a buyer they will work with them on the short sell. Hopefully we wont lose too much in the sell and have to pay it back. This is unfortunate for us because we wanted to retire in this house. And now we have to pull the kids from their friends and ward. We would like to find something at least in the same school and maybe the same ward.

Hopefully you are having a better day.



Anonymous said...

I really hope you get that job! We will be praying for you here.
Maybe there is a better house out there for you guys in the near future. Darn mortgage companies, only care about money, not families.

music lady said...

Mortgage company.... yuck! All that work!!!
I'll be praying for you about the job and everything else. Just keep your chins up. It seems we are all being tested to the maximum right now!
Love you all.. God bless you!

Keep smiling, even though it's tough.....!!!!!!